Real statice and baby breath sphere earrings with gold flakes.

This earring is made from real statice and baby's breath flowers. The flowers have been dried and captured in a resin dome, while maintaining it's 'fresh flowery' look. Perfect for a party, bringing some color to office or your everyday life.




Statice and baby breath sphere earrings with gold flakes

  • Real statice and baby breath sphere earrings with gold flakes


    ○ Materials: Dried purple statice, baby's breath, gold flakes, crushed shell flakes, pearl, crystal clear resin, brass clip on (back covered with rubber)


    ○ Size in diameter

         - Petal: 5-9mm

         - Resin dome : 16mm


    ○ Weight - 6g


    ○ Dyed or not dyed: not dyed - in its natural color

    ○ Estimated time for the flower’s color starting to fade: Not likely to fade. However the vividness may gradually fade as it ages.


    ○ Flower language “Everlasting and undying love, Remembrance”


    ** Please select the option below from the option box. no extra fee needed.

    ○ Earring type: Stud, Clip on, silicone post (stud)






    ○ 素材: スターチス、かすみ草、金箔、パール、レジン、イヤリング(ゴールドメッキとゴムのクリップ) or  ピアス(ゴールドメッキ)


    ○ サイズ

    - 花びら: 5-9mm (個体差がございます)

    - レジンドーム: 16mm


    ○ 重さ - 6g


    ○ 着色の有無: 着色なし - 自然のままの色


    ○ 花言葉 “清らかな心、無邪気、変わらぬ心”


    *** ピアスorイヤリングをご選択下さい。追加料金なし。




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