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Real allium cowanii earrings with cotton pearl teardrop.

This earring is made from real allium cowanii flowers. The flowers have been dried and overlaid with protective jewelry’s resin, while maintaining it's 'fresh flowery' look. Perfect for a party, weding, bringing some color to office or your everyday life.



Allium cowanii earrings with cotton pearl teardrop - 2way

  • Real allium cowanii earrings with cotton pearl teardrop


    ○ Materials: Dried allium cowanii, cotton pearl, brass chain, metal beads, crystal clear resin, brass earring post (stud)


    ○ Size in diameter

       - Petal: 21-25mm

       - Chain : 32mm

       - Cotton pearl : 10mm

       - Total length: 57-61mm


    ○ Weight - 3g


    ○ Dyed or not dyed: not dyed - in its natural color

    ○ Estimated time for the flower’s color starting to fade: Not likely to fade. However the vividness may gradually fade as it ages.


    *2WAY You have 2-Way to wear this stylish flower earrings.

    1. with chain and cotton pearl teardrop

    2. without chain and cotton pearl teardrop


    *** Please select the option below from the option box. no extra fee needed.

    ○ Earring type: Stud(2way), Clip on(1way), Silicone post (1way stud)

    Clip on and Silicone post will be in 1way with chain and cotton pearl. For the silicone post, the design will slightly change.







    ○ 素材: アリウムコワニ、コットンパール、ゴールドチェーン、メタルビーズ、レジン、ピアス(ゴールドメッキ)


    ○ サイズ

    - 花びら: 21-25mm (個体差がございます)

    - チェーン:32mm

    - コットンパール:10mm

    - 全長:57-61mm


    ○ 重さ - 3g


    ○ 着色の有無: 着色なし - 自然のままの色


    ○ 花言葉 “深い悲しみ、正しい主張”



    1. チェーンとコットンパールで華やかに

    2. アリウムコワニ単体で上品に


    *** ピアスorイヤリングをご選択下さい。追加料金なし。

    ①真鍮(ゴールドメッキ)ピアス(2 way)

    ②真鍮(ゴールドメッキ)イヤリング(1 way)

    ③樹脂ピアス(1 way)