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I am Kanae, founder of Blomi. I am a Japan based jewelry designer with the goal of bringing nature to the city. The techniques used on all the designs were carefully learnt from an expert flower designer with the idea of creating something that will last while keeping it's original color and long lasting life.

An online garden filled with one of a kind floral jewelry inspired by the beauty of nature.


Made from real natural flowers, stylish enough for any scene. A wedding, party or even the office. This jewelry brings about peace to those too busy to stop and smell the flowers and receive the grace of nature.


Each flower is carefully selected for its originality, color and shape. It is then dried, preserved and coated with several layers of resin. This process may take up to three weeks for each flower and that with proper care you'll have flower that will last.


For those who wondered where I got the name Blomi, it was selected because of the word “bloom” plus the word “me” so we may all be flowers and bloom :)


From the sketch to creating of each piece everything you purchase from my shop will be packaged and shipped with love and gratitude.


I hope you enjoy my jewelry as much as I do making them.

Thank you for your interest and support, wishing you a flowery day!

When I found a fallen flower in Central park, NYC :)