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In this shop you will find eco-friendly jewelries. I make jewelry from real flowers/plants, resin, Swarovski crystals, genuine stones, pearls and etc.

I offer a high quality product that will last for several years if you follow this care instructions. The real flower jewelries are fragile and need to be treated with care. Please read the following instruction carefully and enjoy shopping!



Care instructions


• Jewelry is the last thing to put on and the first thing to take off.

• When wearing your jewelry, do not hold the edge but hold the center of the flower.


• Protect floral jewelry from chemicals, extreme temperatures (ex. leaving it in your car in summertime), UV rays (ex. be exposed to intense sunlight for a long time), water (ex. bath room, swimming pool, beach, humid area) and other harsh environments in order to maintain its original color.


• Avoid washing your jewelry with soap or water. Use a dry microfiber/silicon cloth to gently clean it.

• Use plastic or linen bag for jewelry safe transportation. Transportation with another sharp jewelry pieces can damage your jewelry surface.


• Store your jewelry in a closed container when not in use, and keep it in a dry and cool area (do not store it in the bathroom or by the window with direct sunlight).  

• Please handle your jewelry with care. Do not throw it against a hard surface.



Finally, all of our floral jewelries are made from natural real flowers so it would gradually transform to an antique color. Please enjoy it changing its color and feel the nature you can carry around!

Please feel free to email me if you ever have any questions.

Or my Instagram account if that’s easier for you! @blomi.k

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